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We could use your time and talent!

While we are funded by the generosity of our donors and community sponsors, we could not function without community members who have so graciously donated their time and efforts to our cause.  Below is a wish list of events and items we need volunteers. to fulfill.  If you'd like to volunteer your time and skills, please complete the e-mail form at the bottom of the page and let us know!  We will be ever so thankful for your help! 


We host our "Kickin it with the Crew" fundraiser each March, and we host our "Battle for the Bell" fundraiser every August.  In addition to needing volunteers to help us open up the field and coordinate the teams, we could also use some help staffing the concessions stands.  If you e-mail us using the form at the bottom of the page, we will add you to our list of fundraising volunteers, and will contact you a week or two before each event to see if you're available to help.  

Lab Crashes

We currently plan to do 2-3 high school "crashes" per year to establish vocational training labs.  We typically need a handful of folks to help us set up each lab.  However, the "crash" schedule is often unpredictable due to the timing of each school's request for assistance and the extent of each school's needs.  We are establishing a list of "on call" volunteers we can contact whever we get a lab crash scheduled.  If you'd like to be added to the list, contact us using the e-mail form at the bottom of this page.  

Do you DIY?

The process of setting up vocational training labs typically includes a number of DIY projects.  If you'd like to donate your time and DIY talents for our next lab crash, contact us through the e-mail form below.  We'll add you to our list of volunteers and will contact you before our next crash to see if you can assist!  The following is a short list of DIY talents needed for each of our lab crashes:

  • Woodworking
  • Mural Painting
  • Decorating/Organizing

E-Mail Us

We'd love to add you to our volunteer list!

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